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What is this?  
09:59pm 27/07/2007
Either someone has been impersonating me, or else I got a harder knock on the head than I thought. Does anyone know what the last journal entry on here was about? I turned on my journal to talk about my latest adventure and find a message saying I was imprisoned and possibly tortured. I don't recall any of this, and except for a rather nasty headache from the fight outside the domes, I feel fine, so does anyone know what actually happened here?
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Someone will pay for this  
10:42pm 09/07/2007
This may come as a surprise to some of you, if you haven't been keeping up to date on the message board, but I am currently incarcerated in somebody's dungeon. I choose to believe it is for some vile purpose, based on the unjust way in which my fellow captives and me have been treated.

Obviously, for those of you waiting anxiously for some news on my hunt, it didn't go well. We barely got outside the walls of the city before we were attacked by the creatures that brought us here. Jack is still with me, but the others in our party are not. That is probably a good thing for them.

I will, of course, endure anything they throw at me and find a way to escape as soon as humanly possible. You have not heard the last of Gaston!
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The hunt begins!  
10:05pm 24/04/2007
As I am typing this, we are leaving the city, on our way to go exterminate some lumens and bri-a^%^^^ (Error: signal degrading) 5320--ing isn't working correctly. Piece of junk. I'll post again whe #@%@@@999999 (Error: signal lost - regaining connection. . . . .) %&=e you on the other side.

By the way, somebody find me a good taxide-@Q#!@#$5aaaaag1

(Error: Connection terminated, unable to reconnect)
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I'm back!  
09:02pm 19/01/2007
I know you all probably missed me, since I haven't posted in a while. I wish it was because I've been out on exciting manly adventures, but for the most part, it's actually been pretty boring. There was a little excitement a long while back, when we were being followed by some strange creatures. But once I finally got my hands on a weapon and shot one of them, the rest of them bolted like the cowards they are. Pretty disappointing, if you ask me. We did meet a kid named Bakura and a nice girl named Blue, though. They decided to join us for a while.

Jack wanted to go to the library, so that was our next stop. Let me say now that the people in this place have a bizarre and disgusting taste in reading. I thought Belle's storybooks were bad, but some of the things these people read are just plain gross. We didn't even find out that much about the city, so it was kind of a waste of time.

Now we're in a hospital, because Jack wanted to ask where the city's graveyards are. Hopefully this won't take too long. I'm just about ready to set out and hunt me down some lumens.
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What are they feeding kids these days?  
09:55pm 19/09/2006
I am not entirely sure what to think about this place. I had a brief sighting of an interesting glowing creature, but before I could get a better look it was scared off by an irritating little boy with a horrible skin condition and a loud mouth. Fortunately, Jack was able to scare him off in turn, bringing peace to the neighborhood. I can safely say that I have never seen such an annoying child. He screamed constantly and was also insulting us. I suppose there's only the parents to blame.

I also met a farmer named Briar who seemed like a decent fellow. Unfortunately, I met him at the same time I met the brat, which made the meeting less than pleasant. And even after the kid left, I didn't stick around long enough for a good conversation, because I wanted to get to the tavern and find out more about this place over a nice cold beer. I definitely need one after that last encounter.

~posted in week2
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Gaston has arrived!  
08:49pm 10/08/2006
If this was a private journal, I would probably throw it away or only keep it for the map that is apparently built into it. But it seems that anyone in the city can find my journal's entries by using their own journals, so I suppose there's some point to these things after all. I've decided to make a log of all my accomplishments here, so all of you out there can see what I've been up to. Of course, it's a poor substitute for actually being there and seeing me do the things I do, but you can't all be that lucky now, can you? At least this way, you can stay up to date.

So far, I have entered the city of Paixao and met a skeleton named Jack. He is a friendly sort, for a dead man, and anyone out there who is scared of him is a sissy, pathetic excuse for a human being. At the moment, the two of us are just riding the train, on our way to the local tavern, where we intend to find good times, beautiful women, and more information about this place.

~posted Monday morning
tags: monday2
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