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mymanlyself's Journal

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Character: Gaston

Series: Beauty and the Beast

Version: End of movie, following his apparent death.

Age: Somewhere in his late 20's-early 30's

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual, though he probably doesn't know what the word means

Appearance: Gaston is an extremely muscular man with well-groomed hair pulled back in a ponytail. He usually dresses in red, and prefers short-sleeved shirts, since they allow him to show off his muscles more. As an expert hunter, he often carries a gun, bow and arrows, and/or smaller knives.

Personality: Gaston believes himself to be the greatest, most handsome person in the world. He has an ego the size of the Titanic, and believes that he should get whatever he desires simply because he is Gaston. When he is not taken seriously or is rejected in some way, he is likely to sulk. He also has a bit of a violent streak, and is not above bashing a few heads to get his way.

Abilities/Weaponry: Dubbed "the best hunter in the world" by his friend LeFou (and gladly accepting the title), Gaston is a crack shot with rifles and bows, and also carries around smaller knives used for skinning the prey he hunts (or for stabbing a certain Beast). He has a great deal of physical strength and is definitely ~not~ opposed to fighting dirty.

Weaknesses: Despite his great physical strength and his own opinion of his intelligence, Gaston is far from the sharpest crayon in the box. He dislikes reading and other intellectual activities, preferring more "manly" hobbies such as hunting. He has a hard time grasping the concept of sarcasm and big words confuse him. Finally, his ego leads him to believe that he'll automatically get his way, leaving him dumbfounded and/or depressed when he doesn't.

History: Gaston came from a small French town, where he was idolized by most of the townsfolk. However, the egotistic hunter wanted to get married and was unwilling to settle for marrying one of the many girls that worshipped him, deciding instead that he deserved nothing less than the most beautiful girl in town. With this in mind, Gaston set his sights on Belle, the daughter of the "crazy" inventor Maurice who lived on the edge of town. Unfortunately for Gaston, Belle was the one girl in town who didn't swoon over him, and his attempt at a marriage proposal ended with his utter humiliation.

Enraged over Belle's refusal to marry him, Gaston spent the night sulking in the local bar until he had a strange run-in with Maurice, who was raving about a beast that had imprisoned his daughter in a castle. Although Gaston and the other villagers ignored Maurice's tale, the encounter prompted Gaston to devise a plot to imprison Maurice in the local asylum unless Belle agreed to marry him.

However, when it came time to put the plan into motion, Gaston found out from Belle that Maurice's Beast was actually real. As Belle explained that the Beast was actually kind and gentle, it quickly became apparent to Gaston that Belle had some sort of feelings for the Beast, and he grew insanely jealous. Declaring the Beast to be an evil monster, Gaston led the villagers up to the Beast's castle in an attempt to kill him.

Gaston and the Beast fought on the rooftops of the castle, where the Beast eventually managed to overpower Gaston. Unwilling to accept defeat, the hunter waited until the Beast was distracted by Belle's appearance on a nearby balcony, then pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the back. As the Beast writhed in agony, Gaston was knocked backwards, losing his footing and falling from the rooftop to his death... Or so it seemed...